Sunday, September 20, 2009

Since Sydney

Nothing has really happened since then. I got shat on with a big research paper and a story, and planning trip over break. There was a pretty good Toga party thrown in one of the wings of Bruce Hall, one kid set up concert sized speakers at the end of the hall and everyone went crazy. There was also a really lame booze cruise. And by lame I mean it wasn't really a booze cruise, it was thrown by some asian association, and we paid $40 a ticket to ride in slow circles while eating dinner and only being provided two bottles of wine. These "balls" as they call them can go either way, you usually pay $40 and if you're lucky there will be an "Open bar, dude!" But that was the first and last one I am going to... well maybe one more if its cheaper. You usually have to dress up, this weekend is the Inter-hall ball and it is themed the 7 deadly sins, the booze cruise was pirate themed. I was lazy and went as Treasure r, and just tapped my nose every time someone read it and looked to me for explanation.

Anywho, this weekend was awesome. A kid named Andy took me, Jo (girl from Texas) and Adam (a Swede) to his house in a small village about an hour from Sydney called "Pretty Beach." His house was right in the national forest in a bunch of semi-mountains, and about a 45 second walk from the beach. We rockclimbed/bush-walked our way along the coast to a small secluded beach that could only otherwise be reached by boat. The water was kind of warm, and barely salty. From there he took us to a small winery to taste wine (where I bought two really awesome bottles of wine for ma and pa for thanksgiving but usa doesn't allow alch. do be shipped and the place doesn't ship internationally, so i guess tessa and i will have to drink them), then we went someewwhherreee ellseeee.... yeah... oh lunch, then we came back and hung out, then he cooked us up an authentic australian meal: pumpkin and sweet potato, baked potato and onion, steamed green beans and broccoli, and KANGAROO. It was awesome. Kangaroo is one of the healthiest meat out there, but there is a whole list of reasons its not a bigger export. The swede is determined to open the market, and kept telling me to invest in kangaroo meat. Its only like $5 a Kg, so, pretty cheap and extremely healthy. Look that s up if'n you don't believe me.

I learned a whole bunch of stuff, since Jo and Andy are getting their degrees in forestry or farming or something. But they were both like walking books when it came to plants and animals. They would be talking about whale's gestation periods while I was wondering what it would be like to walk on water. But I decided its not that cool of a power anyway, more for show if anything. I mean, its just like walking on the ground except there is nowhere to go. And if you got thirsty, you couldn't really just bend over and start sucking the ground... yeah, a wholeee bunch of things wrong with walking on water.


That's about it.

Oh yeah, I bleached my hair.