Friday, November 6, 2009

Now and Beyond

Its really warm here now, like 30's... oh, I'm sorry, that's in celsius... anywho... I am officially done with school. My papers weren't too bad, this entire semester in general wasn't too bad, I could have used some of this free time last year, that's fo sho. Now I'm looking forward to Sir Kevin Smith, who will be here in T-3days and we will embark to New Zealand. I should let Kevin take over right now, as he is seeing more Aussie than I probably have. Change one letter and that sentence it does a 180. Maybe I should throw an 'of' in there.. meh, too much work.

Ummmmm and then after NZ I come back here for two days, then to Darwin in Northern Australia for a day. Then off to Malaysia from Nov. 28-Dec8, Singapore Dec8-Dec14, Thailand Dec14-27, Then back in Canberra for a few days...India was canceled on account of them having a visa system that's slow as. That's what they say here, when they want to describe something they just leave the simile up to your imagination, look up "beached as" on youtube, and that is what I live with everyday.

Just got some vaccinations, got me some Typhoid, some Hep-A, a little Polio, and got that H1N1 all up in me.

As far as that I am taking these few days to just relax and do absofruitly nothing while everyone else studies. Pack a little, do some research maybe. Thats about it. I'll be joining team ginger soon. I could keep the blonde hair but by the time I came back it would be 6th grade frosted tips all over again.

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