Sunday, August 30, 2009

Culture Clash

It has become a habit of mine to make peanut butter and jelly/banana sandwiches for a late night snack. We always eat dinner at 5pm on the dot, just like freshman year, except here they do not have Latenight, where I could buy anything from cereal, to a peanut butter smoothies, to pizza, to cheese burgers, or MEGA cheeseburgers, to awesome chicken sandwiches, to ice cream........ anyway... I always grab three or eight peanut butter and jelly packets, and two pieces of bread.

The other day, however, I was astounded, even electrified to find that someone had started stocking the small kitchenette down the hall with bread, the peanut butter/jelly/vegemite (gross) tray, cereal, and even fruit! I was so happy that I need no longer scavenge food out of the cafeteria every night, and could instead make sandwiches at my own fancy.

However, this all shortly came to an end when what seemed like the next day all the food was gone! It was a grey day to say the least.

So at lunch I decided to get to the bottom of this and here is how the conversation went:

"...I mean, who took all that food? There was a ton of bread and fruit and stuff...I was so excited and then it was just gone! Who does that?"

girl, looking up from her plate "That food was for Ramadan."


"They fast from sunrise to sunset all month"

"I uhh, didn't take any... I just wanted to..."


p.s. Since writing this, I've stolen bread twice, tucking into my sweatshirt as I walk down the hall. I figured it's okay to take things from people, as long as they are wrong.

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