Monday, August 31, 2009

Sydney a Second Time

This trip was a lot more laid back, and southern-illinois diva-less. We left Friday morning at 6:30AM, to catch the 7AM bus... I guess I should backtrack by saying Thursday night, for some reason, I was on a mission to get noodle-legged, maybe because I didn't have to play soccer the next day, and could instead "sleep on the bus." Which when on the bus is the most retarded excuse to drink, but when you are drinking the opportunity to "sleep on the bus/train/plane" seems pretty reasonable. But really, instead of sleeping you are cramped into a tiny seat next to a large person who looks like man but sounds like a woman, resisting the motion of the bus, refusing to open your eyes or speak, and in general hoping the bus driver loses control on a bridge, releasing you from the heavy, groggy, painful, sweaty hell you are currently suffering.

Needless to say, the 3/4 of Friday sucked. The group pounded on my door for twenty minutes before they finally heard a groan, and an array of obscenities. I finally emerged, struggling to put my sweatshirt on with 20min to get to the bus. We wandered around a bit before checking into the hostel. Then we found some Japanese restaurant to eat at, where they refused to constantly refill my water glass. From there we moved to an ice cream shop that offers these famous mountains of ice cream. If the bus wasn't enough torture, I was now just being dragged through the mud. As I started to perk up we took a ferry to Manly beach, but it was around 4pm, overcast, and the sun was about to go down. So on the way back we stopped by the Opera House, which at night is pretty awesome. It was kind of warm, a clear sky, bands were playing at the seaside restaurants, and the bridge and house were all lit up. I'll see if I can find some pictures Ricky took and put them on the site.

The second day we went to Bondi Beach. We got there around 10AM, ate breakfast next to the beach, and walked around the shops. It was overcast and kind of cold around, but at noon, like clockwork, all the clouds cleared and it was warm and sunny. I forgot my camera... or figured I forgot my camera in my drunken stupor, but when I got back into my room Saturday night I found it in my bag, whoops.

Aand that's about it...

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  1. Haha, i like the end of your first sentence. Thinking of you getting stuck next to big fat sweaty hermaphrodites reminds me of the Florida trip.