Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Most Dangerous Game

There is an interesting game going on in Bruce Hall right now, called Murder. The rules are as follows: Everyone who signs up is given an envelope at midnight with a small water gun and a "target" (another person to kill). Basically you are supposed to stalk and kill your assigned person. However, no one can witness it. So it is really funny, because everyone is extremely paranoid; in the dining samnovario hall everyone is eyeing everyone else, trying to figure out who is hunting them, or waiting until their target leaves. No one walks alone in the hall or answers their door - always looking over their shoulder. Some people stalk in the bathrooms, or break into a target's rooms and wait for their unsuspecting victim to walk in. As the game goes on people trade underground info. For example I was able to chalk up two kills because I, being a double agent, told my neighbor who was after him, and at the same time told his murderer where he was. That way, I found out who was after me, and where my target was. I killed my first two by getting their friends to knock on the door, then when my target answered the door, I burst in and their friend ran away. My next target is Yio Khang Shii, who might win by default, because no one knows who the f she/he is.

But besides my deathly cold and three papers, that is what is currently consuming my life.

Oh yeah,the tattoo is fake, I knew it was fake when I woke up although not knowing where it came from... we must have run into a chinaman with a marker in some pizza shop or something. I just thought I would create some buzz, but nothing gets past you guys!~!~!~!!~!!~!!~~~!!~1~!`1!~~!

I've tried to leave comments too, but it won't let me, so, like an angry Betta fish in front of a mirror, I'll keep fighting.

Sydney on Friday!


  1. I would just like to say that i don't like how your blog calls us followers. I follow no one.