Friday, July 24, 2009


Charles "Driving a Hyundai Santa Fe doesn't stop me from being a schlemiel" Barlow publicly complained that my blog has become "stale." Oh, I'm sorry that I can't keep you entertained, Dachaz. Typical Americans, "Entertain me. Give me flashy pictures and freedom fries and wild stories about drunk coeds."

But I did take some pictures.

They are here ...Shutterfly doesn't let me just link to the album, I have to create a corny website (which is geared towards families, or rather self-absorbed young mothers attempting to exhibit a happy life to their old high school friends) (I can say this because Monica and Saskia don't have websites... I hope). I mean, look at the stock images that I haven't removed yet, its pretty obvious. Anyway, whenever I put up pictures I'll just link to that site; I don't have children, and I don't expect you to check up on it. I pulled a Steve and decided to jog around and learn the area, but I got bored with running on the sidewalk and this little trail kind of attracted me, so I went down it - and the pictures are of what I found. I go back everyday now, so when I finally feel like I have covered the entire place (I get lost every time I go) I will put more pictures up. I'll also add unbiased pictures of the campus whenever the trees begin to bloom.

Speaking of getting lost, it is definitely one thing I have gotten a knack for. And not just since being here, back home I found myself getting lost a few times - I would tell about them, but that would be outside the canon of this blog. In the first 20.5 years of my life I don't really remember getting lost much, but I have seriously gotten lost like 10 times in the last three moths, and 6 times in the last week. Not just, "Oh I kind of know where I'm at, and there is a landmark to follow," I mean, "I honestly have no idea where I am at, or which direction to go, so I guess I'll just keep going this way," and often with no phone.

So recently I was in the midst of getting lost and I happened to walk through the ANU men's soccer team's first practice of the season. I happened to have my spikes on me, since I was looking for the Bruce Hall's soccer practice. When I asked them for directions to Willow's Oval, the coach noticed I had my spikes and asked if I just wanted to play with them. So I did. And now we have a game in Brisbon on Saturday!

No, actually that didn't happen. Well, I did wander through their practice, and the rest is what I was fantasizing about instead of listening to directions. Then I just got flat out lost trying to find Willow's Oval while daydreaming about all the money I would have when the professional scout came to one of our games and asked me to play for the Australian professional team.

I also thought about what would happen if I got mugged, but instead of thinking about where I would run or what I would do, I just thought of what I would say when I inevitably knocked him out. And the best I could come up with was "America, bitch." And then maybe take his money or anything of value he might have. You know, teach him a lesson right? Would you take something from a person who tries to mug you? Feel free to answer in the comments.

mmmmaaaaa huhhhhh ok where was I. Oh right, America. The classes here are pretty much the same setup. A few things different: they call discussion sections tutorials, lectures are the full 60 minutes - so no walking time (stupid), the overall registration/getting books schema is different, but those are all different within different schools. I'm taking a political science class called Money, Power, War - it seems pretty interesting, and of course there is a pretty good amount of anti-American sentiment. The English class I am taking is called Democratic Vistas: American Literature... something... its alright, seemed a little boring but we'll see. and then Im taking a narratology /newmedia class. I want to take a class just about Australia but there isn't much of a selection, and I need to keep my schedule clear for travel.

but that is about it so far, nothing too exciting - besides learning New Zealand rule Circle of Death.

p.s. at the bars they stamp the underside of your wrist... not going to lie, I kind of like the way the ink looks on my wrist....


  1. i would take/give them something they would never forget. ;)

  2. Thats a cool running route, why did someone just make a trail like that? Also you seem to be doing a great job of wandering into trouble which makes your blog somewhat worth reading. Keep it up!