Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Killing Them Softly

Another notable feature of the bathrooms here is that they are transsexual... or, no, that's not right... gender neutral - I guess would be politically correct. I don't really know the point of this, maybe its a coming-of-age homophobia sort of thing. Anywho, I knew eventually it would create some sort of trouble for me, and it didn't take very long. Today after my jog, (I'll write about this (and add pictures) later, it was AWESOME)), I went into the shower and as I was walking in the first cute girl I have encountered so far was walking out. So, as my brain was urging say something clever, say something clever, my body was doing a double fist pump, and my mouth was saying, "Unisex!"

And as my hands began to fall, my towel dropped.

Ok, that last part didn't really happen. But she gave me some sort of confused yet amused "I don't really know what that means..." look - the same look my brain was thinking - and shifted her gaze towards the door.

Strike two Myers, Strike two.

Also, first night out in Australia tonight (hopefully), we'll see what that has in store...

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