Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's Complain About Stuff

Hey, I have an idea: Lets take the things we like, make them smaller, and then jack up the prices.

This cup of coffee cost $2.80, which is about 2.30 in Uhmerica. If I remember right, I would, on a regular basis, go to Espresso Royale and get 4x this amount for 3.50 (if it wasn't free). These dammed pricey Australians, half of it is milk anyway. The conversation should have gone like this: "Hi lady, can I have 7oz of hot milk with an ounce coffee for, oh I don't know, 3 dollars? Great, thanks!" This means if I am to buy, say, 100 coffees this semester, it will cost sommmetthiinnngg liiiikkkeeee.... carry the 2, add the zeeerroooo..... two... two hundred annnnndddd eighty dollars?

p.s. I just caught myself in the 3rd minute of Distant Ocean Surf, good thing I had this coffee to keep me awake. Also, you're not mistaken, there are three wolves on my shirt (and one moon).

And thanks for all the comments, guys. It helps me not feel like I'm talking to Saskia's dolls again.

Did I say again?

I meant if I were to ever talk... or had ever talked to dolls... that, that's what it would feel like....

...except they talked back


  1. That's right 3 wolves and one full moon on Aug. 5th..not enough caffeine if you hear the ocean buddy,that's for sure. I'm into my 3rd pot,cleanin'the room of coffee grounds, sand, and pennys stuck to the walls.
    Aug.5th don't forget to howl at the moon,or at least wear the shirt.
    More pictures!

  2. Let's do more than complain on your website. Where are the juicy stories?? I feel like I dont even know you. Go get drunk.

    miss you!

  3. this post reminds me of an octagon-style "i meeeean" session. nice.