Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Might Be Home Sooner Than Expected

Today was the last day of International Orientation meeting things. A bus tour took us around all the sites of Canberra, past the Art Museum, History Museum, up some mountain with a good view, around all the embassies, and finally to the pride of Canberra, the Australian Parliament House. The house is pretty huge and awesome, we went on yet another tour through the great hall and each house (one house of Representatives, then one for the senate - the equivalent of American Congress). I forgot my camera, but took a few pictures on my phone of each house, they were pretty "neat". It is pretty new, built in '88, but I'm sure you all knew that... Anywho, we were given ten minutes to look around, and I, in true Myers-family fashion, was not satisfied with what was open to the general public. So, wandering off alone I found myself lost and far away from the giant herd of shuffling, picture snapping international kids - I tried using my time-tested gettin'-around instincts to get back to the bus but time was running out, so I started to worry. Then I remembered that the tour guide said something about going up to the roof to see the giant flag or something, so figuring that they all did what they were told I looked for the fastest way to get back into the group. I walked outside to see if there was a way up to the roof, and there was. It was easy, just a big grassy knoll that led right up to the top - how simple! Well, when I finally got to the top there was a fence that said something to the effect of "No Trespassing" (I didn't read it).

So I hopped the fence... well, both fences... and just as I was about to slither and blend right back into the crowd a policeman came and called me out. He took me back over to the fence, and took my information down, yadda yadda yadda (except I don't know what happens with my information... it must be entered somewhere, otherwise what is the point of taking it?) Apparently I was "trespassing" because the only allowed way to the top is through the elevator, since to be on the elevator is to be inside, and to be inside is to have "security clearance." He was actually pretty nice, had just gotten back from a vacation to Vegas, so I chewed the fat with him about that and other stuff. He apologized for having to "bust my balls" which I thought was funny. He also noted, and I realized, that in the States I would probably be knocked up to some security threat level orange, not let on airplanes, and thrown in the cellar prison for three days of interrogation, instead his prosecution was to "see me out" and I went back the way I came.

So there you go, four days in Australia and I'm already in the books.

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  1. Now THAT is my little brother!!! I am sooo proud Quinny! :-)