Monday, July 13, 2009

put another shrimp on the barby

If you're reading this it means you are using the internet! Hooray! You are better than me, I am currently writing this offline, because that is how bored I am. No internet, TV that I know of, or anything else really. Aren't those the only things in life anyway? What am I supposed to do, read a book? I have to keep the people happy, you know. And they would probably charge me for reading anyway, these damn Australians.
They are annoyingly green here, I just want to live at my American wasteful self. For example, instead of an unlimited roll of toilet paper there are little two-square pull outs (like tissues). I mean really, I am just going to pull out handfulls still. Its not like I am going to be like "Eh, good enough I guess, need to keep the planet in mind." Future generations won't care about me, so why should give an s about them? Anywho, a few other things they do are the half-flush (which is actually a good idea) and due to the 11 year or so drought here they want to limit shower times to ~4min. Oh, and internet costs $7 per GB, which SUCKS. GIVE ME UNLIMITED INTERNET!!!!!! So I won't be able to load up as many pictures here as I would like or anything. I think I can go to an internet cafe or something... maybe... and the library allows me a free GB per day which is pretty good, but all this will hopefully be figured out soon. Pray the internet rationing never comes to America, pray that as an American your internet stomachs shall never go hungry. "this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from rationed internet" -Abraham Lincoln.

My room is pretty small, but no room mate which is good, because I generally hate people. Yesterday (Sunday Jul 12) I was pretty unhappy. After 30+ hours of hectic travel (long hot lines, 14 hour flight, missed flight, waiting for luggage) and little sleep, I was forced to walk ~2miles to the mall (which is pretty huge) and buy a bunch of stuff that these penny pinching australians didn't provide (bedding mostly) and other stuff, which cost a lot of money. Then I forced myself to sleep/collapsed at 430, missed dinner, and slept until around 6am. Today I met a fellow American, Ricky from Queens, who was pretty much in the same boat, we all just got thrown into our rooms with no internet or anything. NO INTERNET! That is pretty much it so far. Things are starting to get better, I register for classes tomorrow and it looks like I could have classes limited to Tuesday and Wednesday, which would be sweet if there was anything to do here... but it is only the second day and I could discover more things. Its just that if I were in New South Whales or Sydney I wouldn't have this problem; I would just go to the beach every day. But Noooo I had to pick boring old Canberra, but Ill see how boring it gets. I could just sit alone in a pub 5/7 days I guess. I hope I can travel alot, but it seems like the people I have talked to so far just want to go to New Zealand, but I want to visit every worthwhile city in Australia plus New Zealand and Thailand. So maybe I will meet some people who have the same mindset.

Weather: Floating around 50 F, partly cloudy... feels like Fall in Illinois.

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