Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Ok, nothing really special has happened lately, so I will give you an observation of the nightlife

This week is like an orientation week, so the dorm/hall/(they call college) has a bunch of activities planned from Thursday to Sunday. Pretty much take your typical American dorm icebreakers and infuse them with lots of booze. It is funny how they embrace drinking here, as opposed to the US supressing it. There are signs advertising each social event in the halls and cafeteria so that everyone knows what is going on. I guess you could compare each dorm (or "college") to a fraternity - social events are planned for everyone, everyone knows each other, and you are identified by the college you live at. Ergo, each college has certain reputations; I don't really know what Bruce Hall's reputation is, but it is pretty social, more social than the rest I think anyway.

Another fun fact is that there is a bar in the dorm, which is pretty awesome. So while unsupervised American teens secretly get s-faced in their dorm rooms, Australian kids get together in the 'college' bar (called the Buttery) before going out - The Buttery is student run, and closes at ten. And this is all great and fun, except that alcohol is expensive as d. Seriously, one bar I went to charged $6.50 for a gin and tonic; the closest IGA sells a dece 6-pack for 20 bonaduce's. I guess they also refuse to drink beer out of cans, so there is no going out and picking up a few cubes of keystone for cheap, so today a New Zealander named Edmund and I went out and found 2 24 bottle cases for $30 each, not too bad. But we did have to walk the 2 miles carrying 24 heavy bottles (the beer is called Pure Blonde - I like my women like I like my beer (blonde - not cheap... or glass)).

So on Thursday night a lot of people just gathered in the hall, then went out to the pubs. Then Friday there was a graffiti party in the Buttery and then everyone went to the pubs. Last night there was a big bonfire. Tonight there is a "Back to School" party where everyone is supposed to wear their school uniforms from back in the day. I don't have one, so I'll have to be creative. Before that, however, Edmund and I are putting together a good ole fashion power hour, except Edmund calls it "Centurian" and there is no music, just a person with a timer, beer, and shot glasses - I guess they are strictly business in New Zealand.

Classes start next week, which will change things just as they started to settle.


  1. The dorm life sounds awesome.

  2. Ok, so I don't know how my nickname (Steve the Dad) got translated into gibberish; maybe that's Austyralian for Steve the Dad. Anyway, it sounds like you are making the adustment from Gatorade to Foster's or whatever swill they drink down there. I'm glad you found yourself, and I think the reason you were never lost before is that you never knew where you were at (jk). I want to know more about soccer and Australian football. Bye!